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Find information on all species of rhino. In Africa, the Black Rhinoceros,
the White Rhinoceros and the Nile Rhinoceros. In Asia, the Indian Rhinoceros, the Javan Rhinoceros and the Sumatran Rhinoceros. All threatened with extinction. Also all publications on many fossil rhinos across the world.

The Latest Rhino Images 
Stephanorhinus hemitoechus in it...
Three black rhinoceroses in nature
The 2023 Ceratotherium simum new...
Elasmotherium sibiricum
Paraceratherium (reconstruction)
Neanderthals hunting a woolly rh...
Neanderthals hunting a woolly rh...
Southern White rhinoceros trio a...


Click literature to search or browse everything ever written about the rhinoceros – biology, history, captivity, husbandry, management, conservation, art, taxonomy, nomenclature. Click images to find thousands of photographs and artwork depicting a rhinoceros.

Access is always free of charge to streamline research, field work and conservation.

Further Features:

Database of Fossil Rhinoceros Species:
Neogene and Quaternary Old World Localities
Edited by Denis Geraads et al.

East Asian and West African Rhinos
Carino Database
Edited by the late Henri Carpentier

Rhino Depictions In Contemporary Modern Art
Galleria of Emilio Gargioni

The RRC has 27.412 references with 27.494 downloadable PDFs.
Latest References 
Anonymous, 1756. Katalog der Stralsunder Ratsbibliothek - Manuscript of 1756. Stadtarchiv Stralsund, Handschriftensammlung HS-1101 (21)
Kahle, S., 2010. Das "Wunderthier" Clara in Stralsund. Stralsunder Hefte für Geschichte, Kultur und Alltag 2010: 34
Meyer. M., 2022. Ein Nashorn in Stralsund [Rhinoceros Clara]. Ostseezeitung - Magazin 21 June 2022: 1
Moller, G., 2022. Von Rhinozerossen, Panther-Thieren und der Elefantendame Baba" - Wandermenagerien in Stralsund im 18. und 19. Jahrhundert. Pommern 3: 16-19
Vigne, L., 2023. CITES urges concerted efforts to combat illicit wildlife trade. Swara, Nairobi January - March 2023: 41-44
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Read the latest issue of Pachyderm, with many interesting notes and papers on rhinoceros conservation:
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