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Wundertier Nashorn 2022
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Wundertier Nashorn 2022

Author: Jim Monson
Year: 2022
Description: Wundertier Nashorn, Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Nürnberg<br>Exhibition of some pieces of the Monson-Baumgart Collection of Rhino Prints<br>The studio exhibition presents images of the rhinoceros on paper from three centuries. This period saw the transformation from a creature of the imagination to a realistically-depicted animal. In 1500, almost no-one in Europe had ever actually seen a rhinoceros, and the legendary creature was associated with myth and many stories. It was considered wild, dangerous and the elephant’s natural enemy, but also exotically fascinating, testimony to an unknown world.<br>
Location: Museums
Subject: History
Species: All Rhino Species
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Dimensions: 1655x3963 px
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