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Stephanorhinus and its habitat at Sesklo (Greece)
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Stephanorhinus and its habitat at Sesklo (Greece)

Author: Gianfranco Mensi
Year: 2015
Description: A palaeoreconstruction of the Sesklo (Greece) Villafranchian site (MN17 biozone), a very rich site in fossil species. Stephanorhinus is figured together with other numerous peculiar members of the Sesklo Villafranchian fauna: a female of Homotherium crenatidens (= Homotherium latidens) with two cubs, a young elephant (Anancus arvernensis), two hyenae (Pliocrocuta perrieri), some equids (Equus stenonis) and gazelles (Gazellospira torticornis and Gazella borbonica), two ostrichs (Struthio sp.), a big cervid (Eucladoceros sp.) by the Italian expert Gianfranco Mensi. At the distance, Anancus and Giraffidae (Palaetrogus martinii). Image natural size: ca 30x40 – Technique: ink on paper.
Location: World
Subject: Anatomy
Species: Fossil
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Dimensions: 2835x2004 px
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