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Sinotherium lagrelii Ringström, 1924 and its habitat
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Sinotherium lagrelii Ringström, 1924 and its habitat

Author: Gianfranco Mensi
Year: 2015
Description: Reconstruction of the Linxia Basin site (China), Late Miocene (ca 9 Mys), with the elasmotherine Sinotherium lagrelii together with bovids belonging to Sinotragus wimani, the saber-cat Machairodus palanderi and its prey (possibly, the bovid Protoryx sp.) by the Italian expert Gianfranco Mensi. At the distance, two tridactyl horses, Hipparion coelophyes. The palaeoenvironment is characterized by open spaces of the steppe/savannah type with sparse trees. Image natural size: ca 30x40 – Technique: ink on paper.
Location: World
Subject: Anatomy
Species: Fossil
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Dimensions: 2480x1753 px
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