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Rhinoceroses in the S. Daniele Po Palaeontological Museum (Italy)
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Rhinoceroses in the S. Daniele Po Palaeontological Museum (Italy)

Author: e.b.
Year: 2014
Description: These rhinoceroses are kept in a special glass case of the "Museo Paleoantropologico del Po" at San Daniele Po (Cremona, Northern Italy). Among them, the most noteworthy is the gray needle-felt one, hand-made by the Italian artist Giulia Fontanesi (also known as "Giulia Lady-bug"). Another singular rhinoceros is represented by the newspaperly one (on the glass case first level, left side) hand-made by the museum director, Simone Ravara, by using newspaper and scotch. Both them represent artistic reconstructions of the Pleistocene rhinoceros Stephanorhinus kirchbergensis (Jäger). In its very rich fossil collection, the museum kept the sole S. kirchbergensis skull ever found in Italy and one of the very few recovered on Eurasian territory. As to a Giulia Fontanesi with her needle-felt rhino portrait see also<br>As to a blowup of the newspaperly one by Simone Ravara, see also
Location: Europe - Southern Europe
Subject: Museums
Species: Fossil
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