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Baumeister 1788 Bildern
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Baumeister 1788 Bildern

Author: Joseph Edlem von Baumeister (1750-1819)
Year: 1788
Description: This interesting juxtaposition of wild swine with the rhino is by Joseph Eldem von Baumeister (1750-1819) and is found in a scarce volume 'Die Welt in Bildern vorzüglich zum Vergnügen u. Uterricht der Jugend' 1791 (Baumeisterischen Buchdruckerey, Wien), vol. 1, pl. 38. he is probably trying to debase the idea derived from Aristotle and promoted by authors like Thevet, Herr & Aneau that the rhino resembles the porcine family. The rhino image is derived from Ridinger.
Location: Europe - Western Europe - Austria
Subject: Physiology
Species: Indian Rhino
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Dimensions: 371x500 px
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