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A puppet described as a Rhinoceros
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A puppet described as a Rhinoceros

Author: e.b.
Year: 2022
Description: This apparently indefinable animal - made in Sri Lanka in the first half of the XX century - represents one of the numerous subjects of an international puppet exhibition in progress during the month of February 2022 in the town of Cordenòns (Pordenone province, Friuli Venezia Giulia region, N-E Italy). All the subjects are works of rare value and come from collections from various parts of the world. The photo shows an animal described as a Rhinoceros (at least according to the table next to the animal). On the table it is written: “Rhinoceros, first half of the XX century - In homage to Margareta Niculescu (1926-2018) who gifted this animal puppet to TOPIC to commemorate the opening of the Tolosa museum in 2009. This is an example of how puppets travel from continent to continent and also a reminder of the role UNIMA members and its presidents provide in the dialogue between different traditions and different nations". Lent by Topic, Centro Internacional del Títere de Tolosa, Spain.
Location: Europe - Southern Europe
Subject: Culture - Art
Species: All Rhino Species
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