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Stereo photo by Keystone View Company: Meadville
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Stereo photo by Keystone View Company: Meadville

Author: Unknown
Year: 1900
Description: A stereoscopic image of a rhinoceros (probably the Javan rhinoceros) in an unidentified (Asian) zoo taken in the second half of the 19th or early 20th century.<br>It has the following caption:<br>The Keystone View Company: Meadville Pa..New York, NY, Chicago, Ill. and London,England.<br><br>A RHINOCEROS FROM ASIA<br>"When you grow up and have a gun, shall you go to the woods and hunt for a rhinoceros? You will not find any in the woods of our own country. You must travel across the ocean to India or Africa if you wish to hunt this animal. You must go hunting very early. You must find your rhinoceros in an open space where he has been feeding in the night. If you are too late he will get back to the forest where he hides and sleeps in the daytime. You cannot walk. The jungle is so thick and tall where you are going that you must ride on an elephant.<br>Perhaps you will be lucky and find a rhinoceros and shoot him. He will look like the one in the picture. He is sometimes nearly six feet tall. His skin is rough and can be dried and made into war shields. His head is an ugly shape and he has a sort of horn on his nose. If he wishes to hunt you he will not bite, but he will put his head down and try to run that horn into you. He has teeth and a long upper lip. He eats leaves and grass and can curl this lip around them and pull them off. His feet are large and his short toes are almost as tough as hoofs. He is so strong that you must be very careful when you hunt him."
Location: Captive
Subject: Captivity
Species: Javan Rhino
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Dimensions: 2084x1039 px
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